1955 First Place Wins


By 1955, First Place wins were becoming quite the usual procedure for the Junior Band as can be seen by the following statistics. First Place Lion’s Club Trophy Junior Band Competition, First Place Place Challenge Trophy, Senior Band Contest, Chilliwack. Highest Honors, North West Washington Band Competition.

The B.C.Lions FC

In 1955, Richards hired his first football band. Union terminology calls it a “house” band, so this was the start of “the house that Richards built.” Some of the instrumentalists were Don Cromie and Jack Hamilton, pioneer trombonists, Roy Johnston trumpet, the “oompah” beat came from Stuart Ross, George Smith was on clarinet and Doug Luff and Floyd Simpson were charter members of the drum section. In all, there were 40 pieces. They made noise before the game started, saluting the Lions’ latest heroes with their college songs. Richards introduced in 1955 his famous fanfare to herald scoring of a Lion’s touchdown (In 1954, there was no incentive; the Lions scored only once all season).

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