1966 Garage Bands


Several members of the VJB were prominent in the Vancouver dance and club scene in the late 50s, 60s and early 70s. Dan Mattinson was a founding member of Soul Unlimited during the sixties. Other bands from the decade were the Nocturnals, Stags, Epics, Night Train Revue, Shockers and Shantelles. These bands were all managed by jaguar Enterprises a local booking agency run by Les Voit and Douglas Millar. They all played the popular Vancouver clubs the Grooveyard, Dirty Sal’s Cellar, Oil Can Harry’s and others. The members of these bands all came out of the strong community bands that were around during the Golden Age of Youth Bands: Kitsilano Boys Band, Kerrisdale Kiwanis Band, BC Beefeater Band etc. VJB members in these photos include: Dan Mattinson (sax), Stan Williamson (drums), Allen Lynch (trumpet) and Bruce Norris (trombone).