1982 Calgary Stampede

In October 1981 Stacey Henderson (photo right) who was a member of the B.C. Beefeater Band became the 1981 winner of the Joe Gagnier award at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre. This junior sportsmanship and achievement award is given annually to a teenager who takes an active role in the Mount Pleasant community. Stacey is a member of the B.C. Beefeater Band’s Jesters majorette Corps, plays clarinet and helps teach young baton students. She is lead majorette and flag twirler. Since joining the band in 1977 she has travelled with it on a B.C. tour and has performed in England and Australia.

ABOVE: Photos of the band at the 82 Calgary Stampede courtesy of Stacey Henderson


ABOVE: HMS TROPICALE: Stacey Henderson (left)

ABOVE: In Calgary for the Stampede. Thanks to Vanessa Lee-Werth for these.