ABOVE: 1985 promotional shot at BC Place Stadium for the upcoming Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena.


ABOVE: Another promo shot at BC Place Stadium with Dan Bartolic, Mike Bruce, Tony Miles


3 thoughts on “1985

  1. Peter Stewart

    Great job. I was in the band for few years (mellophone and alto sax) I remember mostly anyone that went to John Oliver Secondary High like Don Drinkle, Al Bolger, Al Jewel, Al Kraut, Rick Medley and many others not at John Oliver as well. . Looks like I missed a lot of trips as I only went to Seattle for the Seafair? parade. It was when the exchange rate was 10-15% in our favour. I remember the concert we played in with Rafael Mendez.


    1. Hi Peter Just saw your post. I knew most of those you mentioned at Jayo. I graduated Jayo in 1967.Any photos or stories you can share? Thanks A book will be out this summer 2020. Chris


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