1986 Pasadena Rose Parade


ABOVE: 86 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena.

Happiness is being invited to participate in the annual Rose Bowl Parade on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California, according to Gordon Olson, leader of Vancouver’s internationally known Beefeater Band. That’s what happened recently when Fred Johnson, President of the Tournament of Roses, visited Vancouver to invite the band to participate and speak to the members. The Vancouver youngsters will be watched by 145 million viewers of television around the world on January 1, 1986 – Expo year in Vancouver. What a perfect opportunity for Expo 86 to be part of the parade as well. I know that a group of Vancouverites has been pushing for the past two decades to get Expo officials interested in sending a float to the parade in Pasadena and I wonder why the brass at Expo hasn’t been turned on to the idea. What terrific exposure we would get with 145-million people watching. We have the finest float designer in the world right here in Vancouver in Frank Mansueto and his company. Frank would jump at the opportunity to design and build a float for Expo.

This is their second appearance at the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena.  Their first visit was in 1966.

ABOVE: Thanks to Stacey Henderson for the above photos.

ABOVE: Many thanks to Vanessa Lee Werth for her amazing performance photos of the Rose Bowl contest at Howell Field, Pasadena City College.

ABOVE: Disneyland photos from Vanessa Lee Werth


ABOVE: On a BC Ferry under the Lion’s Gate Bridge where they played for the first ever streaming of lights on the bridge as part of Expo 86 celebrations. Premier Bennett is back right.

ABOVE: A few  more photos of the Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade thanks to Carol Grassi and a couple from Expo 86.

ABOVE: Expo 86 Vancouver

ABOVE: These amazing photos were all taken by Vanessa Lee Werth’s mother with a telescopic lens of Charles’ and Diana’s arrival at Expo 86 and the band marching past to greet them. Note the RCMP band next to the Royals.

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