1965 20th Anniversary Vancouver Junior Band


The Passing of Sir Winston Churchill
Photo: Sunday January 14th, 1965. Heads Bowed in silent prayer, they stood, nearly 4,000-strong, in the PNE Agrodome Sunday and paused to remember…when one gruff voice rang out alone through a dark world to challenge the Nazi menace….when one voice stirred the British people to fight on in the name of freedom. Vancouver churches had scheduled the inter-denominational Christian unity service before the British statesman’s death. The VJB offered musical selections.

Photo: Tuesday August 3rd, 1965 Harken All to sound of victory by Lindsay Cheesman, 14, to mark Vancouver’s Junior Band’s third win in Seattle Seafair band competition on July 31st. She’s flanked by Jean Wilson, 16, Doug Smith, 14

In August it won 1st Place at the PNE Band Competition as well.

2oth Anniversary of the Vancouver Junior Band

On the evening of February 8th more than 640 people gathered in the banquet room of the Bayshore Inn to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Vancouver Junior Band. After the banquet an evening of entertainment was planned. The show featured a 120 piece massed band made up of former students over the past 20 years. The former students had been rehearsing and were up to the challenge. The present band of 65 presented the musical highlight’s of the evening. In all there were 200 young musicians and 40 majorettes at the celebration. “It will really be wonderful getting together with so many of my former students and finding out what they’re doing now,: Mr.Olson commented before the event.

The band group now consisted of 175 musicians and 40 majorettes. During the football season it performs as the B.C. Lion’s marching band and has been featured in halftime shows at three Grey Cup games. It hd toured almost every major sity in North America and won 40 first place awards in competition with bands in Canada and the USA. It had played at two World Faiirs (Seattle and New York).

On Tuesday April 27 the band performed in a Pageant of Music at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Special guests were the Mount Baker High School Band directed by Gordon Ford. Selections included Little March For Band by John Morrissey, Hey Pedro, Sit Down by Arthur Jasper, Go Down Moses Arr. by Maurice Whitney, Allegro, Adagio, Allelulia by Howard Akers, A Symphonic Prelude by Alfred Reed, Trombone Troubadours by David Bennett, Variations on a Folk Song by Schuman and Erickson, Pink Panther by Mancini, Original Dixieland Concerto by Warrington, Procession of the Knights of the Holy Grail by Wagner, Tournament of Trumpets by David Bennett, Totem Pole by Eric Osterling and Die Meistersinger by Wagner.

Photo: April 24: Linda Baker, 16, charms an Easter lily as a prelude to the Vancouver Junior Band’s “Pageant of Music” at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Tuesday at 8 p.m. The Mount Baker High School Band from Mount Baker, Wash., will also take part.

ABOVE: JESTERS NIGHT – Barb Williamson left

65 April Vancouver

                                                   Beefeater Band Plays On

For six months, 113 Vancouver youngsters under the direction of Gordon Olson have been rehearsing for a world wide television appearance, Jan 1. They are members of the Vancouver Junior band which will be part of B.C.s big display at the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day. B.C. is sending a float accompanied by a mounted RCMP detachment and the band in its spectacular Beefeater uniforms for the parade which will be seen around the world via telestar.

Appearances at major events is no novelty to the Vancouver Junior Band, now in its 21st year. For 10 seasons it has been a major attraction at the B.C. Lion’s professional football games in Empire Stadium. It has appeared on three telecasts of the Grey Cup national football final. It has toured extensively in the U.S. and Canada, including as appearance last year at the New York World’s Fair. Dozens of youngsters have received valuable additions to their education through the tours. And the personnel is always changing. The group that will make the trip to Pasadena includes 100 musicians and 13 girls from the Jesters majorette corps, aged 15-19. Concerts are also scheduled at Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.



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