ABOVE: Linda Baker in her Junior Band West Point uniform

ABOVE: PNE PARADE, 1963 The band is now wearing their famous Beefeater uniforms.

ABOVE: Seafair Parade Seattle

B.C.Lions FC – Putting on a Show!

ABOVE: Halftime chart showing the bands marching formations. Bottom, Dal Richards with Gordon Olson, Beefeaters and Jesters.

Between the “House Band,” the Lionettes and the Beefeaters, the three conjure up 10 entertainment units. Costs include payment of union musicians and special guests, various props and the services of two dressmakers – all costumes are custom made. Themes are decided on by April preceding each season – which begins at the end of July. Richards charts out the over-all movements of the marching bands and Lionettes, calculates the number of individuals required to form each letter or symbol on the field, and co-ordinates their individual displays.

There are six practices of about two hours for the Beefeater Band and the Lionettes, for each game, and one dress rehearsal with everyone participating. Grey Cup shows require more rehearsals. Marching in formation and forming messages and symbols on the field is done in reference to the yard-line markings and the hash lines, which run the length of the field, 20 yards in from the sidelines.

Timing is imperative. The Lionettes, Beefeater Band and Stadium Band enter from different corners of the field at the same time – when the scoreboard clocks run out for half time. Once arranged in their alloted areas, starting from either block (rectangular) or company front (face-front, single file) formation, they move from formation to formation, aware of guidelines ….. (more to come)

1963 BC Lion's Junior Marching Band

ABOVE: B.C. Lion’s Stadium Band, Cheerleaders, Majorettes and B.C. Lions’ Junior Marching Band

Today’s halftime show – CANADIAN HOLIDAY – will feature 250 performers. They are: B.C. Lion’s Stadium Band, directed by Dal Richards, The B.C. Lions’ Cheerleaders with Leo mascots Susan Drake and Jeffrey Hyslop and choreography by Grace Macdonald.

Our holiday includes a visit to Easteern Canada for winter-time sports, to the Maritimes for summertime water skiing, to the Pacific Coast for golf and tennis, and a visit to the Calgary Stampede on the prairies.

The show is climaxed by the formation of the Maple Leaf, nine football players representing the member clubs of the Canadian Football League, and a huge replica of the Grey Cup.



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