1962 Western U.S. Tour


ABOVE: On the evenings of Friday May 25 and Saturday 26 at the Queen Elizabeth Playhouse the Vancouver Junior Band put on a Pageant of Music. The Master of Ceremonies was Ted Reynolds. Selections included Chilcothian Sentinel by Hall, Danse Pavanne by Cacavas, Hymn to Diana by Gluck, Armada by Bennett, Two familiar Hymns by Cruger, March and Chorus by Handel, Americana by Buchtel, Annie laurie A La Moderne by Leonard, Fiesta Finale by Kepner, Drummin’ Thro’ The Rye by Ostling, Prayer and Dream Pantomine by Humperdinck and Finlandia by Sibelius.




ABOVE: Don Jewell

There was always activity surrounding the Vancouver Junior Band and 1962 was a big year. The band was putting emphasis in two major fields, in musical accomplishment and in precision marching instead of concentrating on one. While on a concert tour of the western US where they performed at the Seattle World’s Fair, in Los Angeles and in Salt Lake City they took 1st Place in the California State Marching Band Competition (Alameda County Fair in San Francisco) and 1st Place in the Southern Oregon Band Competition (Ashland, Oregon parade). Back home once again they took 1st Place in the PNE Band Competition.

BOTTOM: San Francisco, California. Gil McKinnon, Richard Huber, Andrea Mattinson, Lorraine Hepting, Cathy Olar. Night out at Fisherman’s Wharf.  BELOW: Gavin Beveridge, Bill Hallett, Bill Keyes, Gil McKinnon , Stan Williamson

TOP: Time on the tour bus. Dave Purves, Bill Keyes, Tom Mackie (girls unknown)

MIDDLE: Monterey, California. Dan Mattinson, Andrea Mattinson. Touring antique car collection.

MIDDLE LEFT: Brownsville, Oregon. Gil McKinnon, Andrea Mattinson, Stan Williamson, Bill Hallett   Thanks to Dan Mattinson for the above photos.

ABOVE: Photos courtesy of Don Jewell

ABOVE: Al Lynch’s photos


1962 - June 30

Above: Beefeater Uniforms have been adopted by the B.C. Junior Marching Band. Modelling new attire are, from left, Herb Neufeld, Andrea Mattinson, Bill Hallett, Gil McKinnon and Phylis Surgess. Stan Williamson, extreme right, shows the band’s old West Point-style uniform.


Joe Mogush, a former Bayshore Hotel Manager decided the band’s quality was way ahead of its name. “Call em Beefeaters,” he suggested. “Dress em up like Beefeaters. You’ll get famous.”

Mogush was right, although the odd band member may have cursed his name a few miles into a long parade on a hot day, decked out in the pure wool orange and black rig of tights, knickers, blouse, tunic top and skirt panels, topped with distinctive, rosetted hat and bottomed out by clunky black shoes. The uniforms cost $700 apiece and over the years will be let out, taken in and passed down to hundreds of players.

The B.C. Lions FC

“We love the L – the I – the O – N – S…”

When Chrysler of Canada became stricken with the promotional value of the Lions’ halftime entertainment in 1962, the budget climbed to $22,000 a season. For a Grey Cup game, Richards got $5,000 to play around with. Even in those days of Dinah Shores, Frank Sinatras and Bing Crosbys, that was musical extravagance at its best. And to think it all started with a song, a girl from Edmonton with a talent for writing lyrics, and a band-leader who originally didn’t know Indian Jack from Hiawatha. The song was Sunshine of Your Smile. The new lyrics, which have since become a Lions’ trademark, were written by Peggy Nichol, a script writer for an Edmonton radio station and a friend of the B.C. Lions’ first treasurer, Ned Wigington. The band leader of course, was Dal Richards.

1962 Seattle Fiar

Vancouver’s Junior Band at World’s Fair
University of Washington majorette Carole Peterson, inspects Vancouver’s Junior Band and its majorettes on the International Mall at Seattle World’s Fair Wednesday. Band captain Mike Hardon, stands at left. Miss Peterson is a judge for the two-day international baton-twirling contest.

1962 Seattle Fair - 2


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