1961 Rafael Mendez

1961 BeefeaterMendez concert

In 1961 the band took the Grand Musical Award at the Seattle Sea Fair competition, again a first at the P.N.E. Band competition and First Place at the Pentiction Peach Festival and first prize for the drum majorette corps.
An added feature with the band were their equally successful majorettes who walked away with numerous prizes throughout the year.

The sixteenth annual feature concert was again held in the John Oliver Auditorium on February 17, 1961. One hundred and thirty young people massed together to welcome their guests.

Selections included Beaded Belts by Erickson, Oveture Americana by Buchtel, Trumpeter’s Lullaby by Anderson, A Westchester Overture by Grundman, Second American Folk Rhapsody by Grundman, Trombone Troubadours by Bennett, Die Meistersinger by Wagner. Massed band selections included Jacob’s Ladder arr. Miller, Palamar Overture by Bennett, Anchors Aweigh arr. Warington, South Ramoart Street Parade, Andante Cantabile by Tschaikowsky and Pomp and Circumstances by Elgar.

Phyllis Surges

Donna Keyes
Joan McQuillan

Gavin Beveridge
Richard Huber
Derek Greenaway
Ron Billington
Albert Bolger
Paddy Brown

Brian Metzgner
Paul Clapham
David Scabdrett
Lorne Laukkenon
Gary Switlo
Stewart Ducklow

1961 Mendez

Trumpeter Rafael Mendez and the Vancouver Junior Band provided a thrilling fiesta of music on the evening of Friday, May 5, 1961 in the Georgia Auditorium. The playing of the virtuoso not only delighted a large audience but inspired the performance of the 60 boys and girls who comprise the active membership of the band.
In a program consisting of his own arrangements from the repertoire of opera and violin music, Mr. Mendez displayed his artistic talents with telling effect.
With Sidney Kelland at the organ, Mr. Mendez revealed great interpretive ability in the “Musette” aria from “La Boheme,” “Hejre Kati” by Hubay and the “Londonderry Air.”
To the accompaniment of the band, conducted Gordon C. Olson, the trumpeter further enthused his listeners with performances of Montei’s “Czardas,” “Habanera” from “Carmen,” “Chia panecca” and “Carnival of Venice.”
The Junior Band’s part of the program consisted of eight well-varied selections: Beaded Belts by Erickson, American by Buchtel, Second American Rhapsody by Grundman, Loch Lomond by Richardson, Pomp and Circumstance by Elgar and Die Meistersinger by Wagner. These were notable for excellent blending of tone, fine precision and unanimity in expressive values.
“The general public does not realize the fine work that conductors of junior bands are carrying out,” said Mendez. “Playing in a band not only fosters the appreciation and knowledge of good music but it also teaches a sense of loyalty and responsibility. The musiclal discipline necessary for good performance helps in the moulding of character,” he added.
“I am always amazed at the speed with which young people get a mastery of whatever instrument they start out to play. At first they are attracted to the trumpet because this is the instrument that plays the melody. After a time, however many of them realize the importance of other instruments which supply the harmonic balance.





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