The VJB comes to Empire Stadium


ABOVE: Vancouver Junior Band, Williamson Family (Ken, Stan, Barbara and Shirley)

1955 Vancouver College Band

ABOVE: Vancouver College Band members rehearsing in the cafeteria

The 13th annual Festival of Music was held on May 16 at the Lord Byng Auditorium. Master of Ceremonies was Hal Francis.
Selections included Beaded Belts by Erickson, Sun Valley Moutains by Ogden, Drumsticks, Prelude in C Minor by Rachmaninoff, Carnival Variations, Arr. Jacoby and McRae, Semper Fidelis by Sousa, Frolic of the Keys, arr. Briegel, Basses Beserk by Bennett, Dark Eyes, arr. Walters, Light Calvary Overture by Von Suppe.
Massed Band selections included Cathedral Echoes by Morissey, Bolero Non by Kurtz, Cachuca by Morissey and Flashing Brass by Nyquist.



B.C.Lions FC

Diespecker left in 1957 and that year Gordon Olson brought his Vancouver Junior Band to Empire Stadium. Now Richards had become band-leader, producer and co-ordinator. He had his own 40 piece house band, 30 dancers and Olson’s 50 juniors. The maestro started to develop themes. He saluted such places as Hawaii, spending money on props such as grass skirts, fake palm trees and tom-toms.

ABOVE: Al Lynch in 1957.  Thanks to Al for all the great photos.

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